Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Rock Sound Posts "Classic Feature" Interview

Rock Sound has posted a Gallows interview from 2007 as part of their "Classic Features" series due to Gallows tour kickoff in Manchester last night. You can read the interview on the Rock Sound website. A short excerpt is below:

Carter stresses that every word summoned from his lungs in Gallows is entirely real, true, and relevant to his life. It’s this realness the frontman feels is sadly lacking from modern music, and he pulls no punches when assessing the efforts of other bands currently doing the rounds.

“Take Bullet For My Valentine, for example,” he says, before broadening his vitriolic vision. “Nah nah nah, not so much that. In fact take any band at the minute, what are they singing about? All their songs are hidden metaphors about suicide or death, or girls, or alcoholism. It’s ALL RUBBISH… We’ve got songs on our record about partying, right next to songs about having your head kicked in, right next to going to the dentist, right next to having your merch stolen at a show.”